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My Latest photos
#TheCosign #Dealmakers @thecosign216 @itsthegoodguys at Vada this past Saturday @savvydavisjr Whad up.Shot by @stayinhungry
Had the opportunity to speak on the DJ panel this past weekend at #Dealmakers with some other great DJ's. The whole conference was something that every artist should have been at. Panels such as DJ panel, how to build your buzz and how to get signed!!!! #TheCosign #RHimagery
Back in action tonight at 3 Kings Lounge tonight...read the flyer for the details. MONDAYS ARE BACK
Started my 10 day cleanse today. Get with @sabrinamyfit and she will get you together. If you know me and know how picky I am you know how upset I am right now I can't what I want.
So today at 7pm we are celebrating 2 years of Talk & Taste. Shout out @1ashleyjanelle and @courtneylynnc for having these great networking events. Tonight is going to be a little different. A FREE celebration with music and food so stop up at Jezebels Bayou at 7pm.
@itsthegoodguys #TheCosign @eighty81
How funky is this... @ecrayjr "Same Crew" will be playing on MTV Jams starting tonight so tune in at 8pm. #ClevelandUP #Legitpaper
Grew up reading The Source during class when I prolly should have been listening to the teacher. I think this is pretty dope that I had a feature today. Go check out what I say my top 5 songs are. And you say we don't put on for the City of Cleveland. @eighty81 @itsthegoodguys #Meel
Follow these for me please and thank you!!!!! @eighty81 @itsthegoodguys and visit itsthegoodguys.com and if you want anything on the site send to bloggers itsthegoodguys.com

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