EZ White- Make My Name

EZ White- Make My Name

I’m f*cking with this song right here. Give a listen to EZ White’sMaking My Name” repping Cleveland. Download/Listen Here. H-Flo whad up.


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Come with me ☺️🌊 @motokini #barbados
That's just selfish.. serious tho hit me up. πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
🍷 Rossi Patootie 🍷
Play cloths was the blueprint... Little fact for you. @corporategotem was the first account to view the line when it was offered. Couldn't even afford to write to check to pay that COD but we sold out in a day. @kingpush #NoFlex
The @crossfit games really are distracting me from work. Never watched the World Cup but this my friends is way more entertaining to me. #athletes #athletic #training #crossfit #crossfitgames
'I dunno wat sadder. Fact you eat so much sushi or fact you always alone. Why you have no friends eat sushi with you. You bad boy, Rodney?' - my favorite sushi chef who clearly thinks my name is Rodney #unblessed
Nosey Neighbour πŸ‘€ "Muse" by @milianphotos
Y'all down talk, disregard em when they speak to you in public, talk about how broke they are etc, fan the compliments off.. Me personally, I don't have these problems, but I peep how y'all be playing my bros, some black men are different don't assume everyone the same. I know some A1 niggas.. Sorry you been fuck #Dequan all your life.. But anyway... 🐸 X β˜•οΈ ahhhh
This salad is EVERYTHING!!! Probably the best salad I have had to date. Stuffed avocados with lump crab meat! #YouKnowYouWantABite #YouCantHaveABite #FoodPorn #MyLunchWasBetterThankYours #ItsAlmostAsGoodLookingAsMe #HashtagHappy #YummyInMyTummy #HealthyEats #Skinny
FR!DAY We're one weekend away from Caribana. I really feel like the city hasn't been like it was last year. You know that summer groove we get in? I feel like it's coming late this year. I feel like that electric vibe in the city is coming in now. Especially with Caribana festivities popping off Monday. The summer in the 6 is just popping off. What we've built on FR!DAY is like anything else this city has seen. Beautiful women βœ”οΈ Hiphop all night βœ”οΈ A packed intimate vibe βœ”οΈ No hassles at the door βœ”οΈ A real pre caribana vibe βœ”οΈ No ratchetness βœ”οΈ No gucci sunglasses βœ”οΈ Not 50 guys in one booth βœ”οΈ Bobby shmurda wheeled up βœ”οΈ A++ bartenders and hostesses βœ”οΈ Playing 0-100 at least 4x βœ”οΈ Lightskin women βœ”οΈ More Lightskin women βœ”οΈ Spanish tings βœ”οΈ Sauga Lightskin tings βœ”οΈ Instagram kyattis βœ”οΈ And a special celebrity host βœ”οΈ Hit me or @jasonrjohnson up to get on VIP list or a table. We're selling out quickly. FR!DAY Venue - @blokeand4th Time - 10PM Sounds - @djspoonz Presented by @jasonrjohnson X @hadisworld P.S - big caribana Saturday announcement coming today!
The unboxing of the @misterfrench shirt will soon be on @marcustroyblog

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